Articles by Jane Brown

After years of agency internships and research in new media, Jane uses her strategic mind to create and integrate comprehensive media plans for ABC clients. The socially savvy recent grad is always up to date on the latest media trends and confident in her ability to deliver the most innovative results. Jane brings a bachelor of science in new media marketing and a double minor in advertising/public relations and international business to ABC Creative Group.

Keys to a Kickass Digital Marketing Campaign

What’s not to love about digital marketing? It’s a win-win for both the advertiser and the consumer. As advertisers, we have access to thousands of intricate targeting and tracking parameters. As consumers, ads are becoming more relevant to our daily lives. While creating effective digital marketing may seem simple enough, it’s going to take a…
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Facebook Adds Hurdle to Targeted Ads

Today’s social climate is not always easy to navigate. Every day, it seems as though there is a new celebrity, brand or organization that is being scrutinized for an insensitive tweet, product or statement. Keeping up with such rapid changes, especially in the age of social media, can seem overwhelming. For advertisers, it’s a hurdle…
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