Articles by Jenn Cline

Enter the ROI. Jenn Cline is so gifted at tracking and showing results for all campaign initiatives, ABC created a name for her unique service: Idea-Based Sales. She works with clients to develop follow-up strategies for campaigns and gauge the effectiveness. Jenn exercises her exceptional skill in creating strategy, doing research and planning as well as public relations efforts.

CRM Should Stand for Customer Relationship Marketing

When people think of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, they think “sales.” If that’s the case, then you’re doing it wrong. Yes, this is where they can manage and analyze all customer/prospect data – a repository for all the information that their sales team needs to be successful and a place where they can…
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Who’s This Third-Party Person They Keep Talking About?

Everywhere you look in the marketing world, they talk about third-party content generation or content curation. You may be asking, “Who is this third person at the party anyway?” It is actually pretty simple. When someone else writes something about you, it has more credibility than when you write something about yourself. Makes total sense,…
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Refreshing Content Marketing with Webinars

Content marketing is what we are hearing about everywhere we turn. Content marketing and how brands use it to interact with potential customers is reshaping business-marketing strategies. It allows you to follow potential customers all the way through the sales process, customizing content in each phase. Providing potential and current clients great content allows you…
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