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With past experience working in videography, Todd now is able to hone into his talent for video development here at ABC. Growing up a musician, Todd discovered his passion for capturing video at a young age. With experience in a nationally touring band, “CityCop,” Todd wanted to be able to create his own music videos. Starting out with a handy-cam, he fell in love with the idea of preserving memories through video and the overall art of documentation. The technicality of video production is what Todd loves the most. Describing video production as “half science, half creativity,” he believes there is nothing more rewarding than expressing his creativity through capturing video. Todd creates exceptional footage that is both responsive to not only ABC’s clients, but the public. Here, he is able to effectively showcase his outstanding technical and creative abilities.

The Value of 8 Seconds and Other Takeaways from NAB 2019

We took a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Show, aka “NAB Show.” During the visit, we experienced the newest technology hands-on and heard from industry leaders in technology, media and marketing. Here’s a sampling of their observations … A viewer’s attention span is only 8 seconds ……
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Just What Is the Reality of Virtual Reality?

Marketers have been inundated with the term “virtual reality” or VR lately. They’ve also been trying to figure out the best ways to use it. But, just what is “it”? Well, the term virtual reality, or VR, is used widely throughout the marketing industry and typically it is used incorrectly. It’s often used as a…
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6 Ingredients Every Good Video Should Have

We have a problem. With the advancement of our everyday devices, anyone can create a “video.” Anyone can pull out their phone and record an event or even stream something live to the internet instantly. This accessibility has flooded the online world with tons of awful content and, even worse, has flooded the minds of…
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