Articles by Travis Bort

As ABC’s commander-in-chief, Travis Bort is involved with everything that goes on around here: creative direction, client consulting and, of course, running the company. He channels more than 20 years of experience in the business to continuously take ABC in bold new directions and build his team of creatives and account managers based on client need. Travis’ creative mind and high standards make him the gatekeeper, ensuring every ABC idea is the best one for the client.

Telling a Tourism Story

With over a decade of experience marketing all kinds of tourism entities and destinations, we at ABC have learned one thing. People love to hear a story. Think about it. How many times have you sat in a local pub or restaurant and your server has explained the history of the establishment or shared a…
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The New Agency Species

Recently I attended a seminar in Florida called “The New Agency Species.” The program was presented by the Second Wind Network, which represents small- to medium-size advertising agencies across the country. The seminar was very well attended by agencies from more than 30 different states and Canada. We discussed what agencies should be focused on…
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