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6 Ingredients Every Good Video Should Have

We have a problem. With the advancement of our everyday devices, anyone can create a “video.” Anyone can pull out their phone and record an event or even stream something live to the internet instantly. This accessibility has flooded the online world with tons of awful content and, even worse, has flooded the minds of…
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How to Attract Millennials to Your City

When it comes to attracting people to your city, you’ll see a commonality of great nightlife, food and entertainment no matter where you go. But these are all such generic “blanket” amenities, especially to millennials.  No matter where you’re traveling to, of course these things are all going to be important – but it’s important…
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Here’s Why You Love Online Video

Back in the days of dial-up, we would never have imagined the speeds and resulting visuals we have now. We expect to see a play button on every page and it seems our itchy clicker fingers can’t resist pushing the red button. Video isn’t just a part of the internet. Video IS the internet. In…
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