Category: Cause-Related Marketing

Just What Is the Reality of Virtual Reality?

Marketers have been inundated with the term “virtual reality” or VR lately. They’ve also been trying to figure out the best ways to use it. But, just what is “it”? Well, the term virtual reality, or VR, is used widely throughout the marketing industry and typically it is used incorrectly. It’s often used as a…
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Finding Your Stories and How to Tell Them

As destination marketers, we talk a lot about telling stories and its importance in luring travelers to your community. Storytelling is an easy term to say and throw around when developing content and strategy, but what does it really mean? And, more importantly, how do you do it? First, accept the truth: Every place has…
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Why Joy Is An Advertiser’s Best Friend

Why is it that we are so much more likely to keep watching a video that makes us smile? In the world of video advertising, joy is arguably the most important and influential emotion. Studies have shown that joy significantly impacts viewer engagement, video completion rate, message retention, brand recognition, purchase intent, and overall success…
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