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You’ve Got Questions, Agencies Have Answers


Have you thought about or been asked to hire an agency? Are you hesitant to do it or unsure of the process?

Adding an agency to your marketing team can be a big step, one that can come with a lot of questions. Adding an agency can also enhance your marketing efforts and improve results.

If the boss recently dropped a project on your desk or your organization is launching a new product, it may be time to take the leap.

Some common questions you may ask …

Am I doing something wrong with my marketing?

No. Even if your output has been solid to date, marketing can always improve what’s already in place. Or maybe there’s something new on the horizon you simply need a hand with.

Maybe a new CEO wants to refresh the brand to kick off his tenure. A longtime leader might need a successful launch of a new product or service to impress the board or stockholders.

You’ve been entrusted with making it happen and agency expertise can help develop concepts and bring them to fruition.

Can’t I do the marketing myself?

Maybe. But, why?

Major projects have a lot of moving parts and need more manpower to cover creative, demographic analysis, media placement and measurement.

No matter your experience level, agency services can enhance or fill the gaps for areas you or your staff might be lacking in. Instead of burdening your staff with too many marketing hats, let them focus on their strengths while the agency handles what you need them to.

Is the agency going to take my job?

Nope. A good agency works for you.

They will attack every task collaboratively so that the result is something you can all be proud of. If anything, they’ll make you look good.

How am I going to find an agency?

This is a tough one as this isn’t a matter of cracking open the phone book and choosing at random.

An RFP may be in order, but the best way to find the right fit is to explore the agencies yourself. Any agency worth a damn is going to have a clear outline of its philosophy, culture and work on its website, which should also have impressive design.

But, text and photos will only take you so far. You’re going to be working very closely with your marketing agency, so why not reach out and make personal connections right from the start?

You’ll definitely want to interview more than one agency to find the right fit. Remember the agency becomes or adds to your team. You’ll be in very close collaboration if they’re doing it right.

You essentially transform “do it yourself” to “do it yourselves” when you add an agency to your team. They’re here to help perfect your marketing, after all. You don’t have to do it alone.