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ABC Creative Gives Foodies a Flavor for Upstate

(5/3/21 – Buffalo, N.Y.) ABC Creative recently tapped its extensive food and beverage tourism marketing experience for a new project that highlights the hunger-inducing delicacies of upstate New York.

Inspired by a 2016 New York Times article that covered signature foods from Buffalo and Rochester to Syracuse and Binghamton, the Upstate Eats Trail is being collaboratively developed by the tourism promotion agencies across the entire region. ABC developed the website for this promotion of all the destination-worthy dishes of upstate.

Upstate Eats Trail

From Buffalo’s wings to Binghamton’s spiedies, the Upstate Eats Trail website will tell the tasty tales of the region to travelers near and far. Editorial content collected by Visit Buffalo Niagara and its partners are the foundation of this digital experience. ABC used its award-winning experience to assemble this culinary collection in an attractive, user-friendly setting that also includes contributions from Visit Rochester, Visit Syracuse and Visit Binghamton.

We had a blast digging into to this showcase of all the feasts from our own backyard that make this region reputable.