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Senior Art Director Discovers He’s Colorblind

Longtime Senior Art Director Mike Haines of ABC Creative is colorblind – at least temporarily. The issue began when he was on his 15th round of logo revisions with an unnamed client.

“I just couldn’t see why we were having so much trouble with a logo,” Haines said. “I’ve done hundreds of them over several decades, but on this one I was stuck for some reason.”

It wasn’t the look said client was worried about. It was the color palette selection – numerous shades of black, gray and various whites – that they struggled with. It became apparent that Mike’s sight might be the issue.

“I thought the printer was just consistently low on toner,” he explained. “I must have replaced it a dozen times.”

It was on the 16th round of revisions that Creative Director Travis Bort expressed concern with his right-hand man of more than a decade.

“I asked for a blue and got green. My request for yellow ended up being a shade of I don’t know what,” Travis said.

It seems that Mike was in a color wheel quandary as he searched endlessly for something that would please the client. He was reluctantly checked in to the Boston Medical Center for Retinal Correction and should be back in a few weeks.

“I sure as hell hope this works,” said Travis, who committed Mike at ABC’s expense. “I attempted to assign this to our copywriter as a dart throw, but apparently he’s on vacation for the next two weeks.”