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How It’s Made: Rebranding CANARX

CANARX, a Canada-based International Prescription Service Provider to the U.S., reached out to us for a complete rebrand after 20 years in the business.

The project kicked off with logo development and the birth of the tagline “Simple. Safe. Smart.” The final design incorporates a clean, simple look that embodies the tagline as well as a prescription pad-inspired check mark.

With that foundation in place, we completely reimagined the existing one-page website, developed copy for a more in-depth user experience that emphasized safety and wrote several articles that fortified that angle. Those stories included a feature written specifically for a paid media campaign.

Want to see the project unfold? Check it out! 👇

Messaging was carefully crafted to engage two audiences: the general public as well as insurance brokers and group benefit plan admins. For that audience, ABC developed case studies illustrating the benefits of municipalities and companies using the CANARX program that allows employees to get free prescriptions and dramatically cuts costs for the organizations they work for. A special web page written for plan admins and brokers complemented collateral developed for that audience by ABC as part of the rebrand.

The website included a revitalized overview video that was recorded in our in-house studio. In addition, our video production team created animation that was implemented into the overview. 

The redesign also saw development of more than a dozen microsites that housed individual prescription plans. Not only were we able to build those sites, but we also generated a template that the client could use to add these microsites in perpetuity.