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Tourism Campaign Highlights Broome County’s Hidden Gems

(8/16/17 – WICZ-TV) By inviting out-of-towners into the nooks and crannies that make our area home, the Greater Binghamton Convention and Visitors Bureau is working on a national ad campaign to promote tourism in Broome County.

“That shows arts and shopping and eating and night life, so that people will get a really good feel for our community as a whole,” says Judi Hess, Director of Visit Binghamton.

Six locations were chosen for the campaign: Anthony Brunelli’s Fine Arts Gallery, Lackawana Train Station, Oaks Inn, Garage Taco, Goodwill Performing Arts, and Antique Row.

“What we came up with was building on our past for the vibrant future and present that we have and the options for people,” says Hess.

Antique Row has been a collection of mom and pop shops for decades. It’s the eclectic and uniqueness of the street that put it on the list for the campaign.

“There’s EJ shelving two doors down,” says Sherrie Stebbins Rinker, owner of the Blue Egg, “You can get a Marilyn Monroe wig if ya need it.”

With Greater Binghamton businesses just as diverse as the items for sale on Clinton Street, the campaign will be pushed over the Visitors Bureau’s website. The Bureau has plans to purchase advertising out of the area as well as invite travel writers to spread the word about Broome County.