Brand Development and Strategic Marketing

Branding means a lot of different things to different people. Some might tell you it’s a logo. Others may say it’s simply a name. Maybe it’s a message.

Really branding is all those things. But, above all, it’s a feeling. It’s what people think of when they see the logo, hear the name or connect with the message. Furthermore, a brand presents all these things consistently across all media.

idea based marketing

Idea-Based Marketing

The idea-based marketing philosophy puts creativity above the typical agency distractions, relying heavily on excessive research that fuels extraordinary concept development.

We punish the creative until the only idea left standing best captures a client’s message and tells their story. Then we use sound marketing strategy and strong creative assets to engage the target audience and measure the results.

brand management

Brand Management

So, what do people, and more specifically, your target audience think about your brand? Do you have a strong identity? Are you telling the right story?

We manage the messaging and content that propels your brand forward. Our talented team handles all the creative assets and media strategy that raise awareness and bottom lines.

The idea-based marketing philosophy built on thorough research ensures we understand your brand.

We’re not here to tell you what to do. We’re here to work on marketing challenges together. We’re here to ensure your story is told in a way that resonates with the right audience.

strategic planning

Strategic Planning

With ABC, you get a true partnership focused on getting results. We work closely with clients as an extension of their team to develop content and strategy that puts those marketing dollars in the best possible position to pay off.

We’re passionate brand advocates equally dedicated to efficient budgeting. Our ROI experts meticulously measure the effectiveness of the messaging.

We don’t deliver the creative and hope it floats like the typical agency. If it’s not working toward your goal, then our team is working on the solution.


Our Process

Research and Discovery

ABC begins the idea-based marketing process with a discovery period that includes extensive research both internally and externally. We meet with you to focus on developing a truly unique selling point.

Concept Development

Concept Development

First, we put everyone in a room. At ABC, you’ll find the usual suspects on the creative team anxious to start bouncing ideas off the walls and glass windows of the conference room. You’ll see the creative director feverishly squeaking his marker on the whiteboard. But, you’ll also notice the account managers making contributions.

We believe the best ideas, or at least the start of one, can come from anywhere. Due to our size and non-agency pedigree, ABC leaves no brain untapped.

We then poke the creative full of as many holes as possible to see what still floats. The idea(s) left standing – the ones that best move a brand message forward – are reassembled, polished up and presented to the client.

client collaboration

Client Collaboration

Once we’ve emerged from the think tanks, we’re ready to regroup with your staff to share the concept with everyone. The creative process is a collaborative one and this is the point where we take feedback (even the negative stuff) and apply it to the messaging we’ve proposed.

At this point, we’ve polished the new brand to a radiant shine in collaboration with the client.



Our expert strategists work with you to craft a media plan that best communicates the message across all platforms in the markets we’ve determined will produce the most conversion.



ABC not only provides the proof of campaign success, but the tools to make it sustainable.

We constantly track and interpret data, then communicate the results with clients regularly to ensure campaigns make dollars and sense. ABC won’t simply run off a report and forward it in an email, we’ll break down the numbers, come to you with new ideas and collaborate on adjustments that will keep momentum moving forward.