Emotion Tracking Video Analysis

We collect lots of numbers to measure the success of marketing campaigns: sales, leads, view counts, clicks. But, when it comes to gauging creativity, hard data is hard to find.

Until now.

In the past, testing creative meant focus groups or surveys. It also meant spending a lot of time and money on less-than-reliable results. Viewers can be swayed by question phrasing, the group facilitator and even other participants.

ABC now offers its clients an easier, more affordable way to get unbiased, actionable insights into video content. Our facial recognition technology measures the effectiveness of your video content and increases the likelihood you’ll convert prospects to customers.

Dumbstruck Analytics

Instead of the vague post-viewing opinions you might get from a focus group or survey, our technology tracks a wide range of emotions and attentiveness moment by moment. How? The platform is based on 50 years of emotional science research.

Attentive Reactions Measured

Viewers subconsciously express joy, surprise, anger, fear, sadness and disgust in their eyes and 40 different micro-expressions. We can actually measure the intensity of the emotions based on what viewers are seeing or feeling based on a particular soundtrack or message on the screen.

Despite its complexity, the technology is easy to use and open to anyone with a desktop computer or device with a camera. Our at-the-ready viewer panel members simply click a link, then watch the video content whenever and wherever they are.

You can tap into a nationwide network and narrow down the viewers based on a number of demographics – and do it quickly.

Did your video test better with a certain demo? Focus your marketing efforts on them. Did viewers gravitate toward one section of a video? Use it as a teaser or trim it back. Did one soundtrack produce a better reaction to the other? Now you’ll know everything.

The tech is 93-plus percent accurate and the software is integrated with artificial intelligence so that it will only get better over time. This means that we’re able to interpret the results to determine what creative adjustments should be made to the video. That means you’ll connect your brand to more people and sell more products or services more often.

Whether it’s an in-house production or other existing content, you get actionable insights into every second of video.

Facial Recognition Tooltip

Major TV networks, movie studios and celebrities have used the award-winning platform to improve their content – NBC, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, iHeartMedia and Ryan Seacrest to name a few.

Video production is a big expense, but a necessary for success in today’s marketplace. Media placement is an even bigger investment.

Imagine collecting hard data and getting actionable insights into the videos you produce before you spend all that money. Imagine doing it inexpensively, quickly and far more reliably than a focus group or survey.

ABC’s emotion tracking can do just that.

Instead of creating and publishing videos you hope will get the reaction you want, this facial recognition platform ensures you get results.

Contact us to find out how to get started testing your videos.

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What to Expect

Well, besides a bunch of great video, you can expect the same viewing experience as any other content you watch online.

It works like this …

  • We send you a link
  • You click the link
  • You watch the video
  • We collect data

How does it work like that?

Our emotion tracking software measures your facial expressions to determine your mood while you view. We use this feedback to improve videos.

Individual data is kept completely confidential. We only use cumulative results with our clients.

So, sign up, get links, watch videos and help us create the best content possible. There’s no boring survey, annoying form or any obligation. You just click and watch.

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See? Even that part’s easy.


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