Public Relations

Are you still throwing press releases together whenever you get around to them? When you do have time, do you have difficulty deciding what to promote? After you invest the time and resources, are you getting the coverage you set out to secure?

If you’re still attaching Word documents to emails that go to the same list of contacts every time, you can do a lot better. Let ABC help with getting true value out of your PR efforts.

An effective strategy gains priceless exposure by way of general media and niche coverage. With the ever-growing importance of Web content, ABC strategies address all angles and needs to create success.

PR requires a much more aggressive approach than it used to. ABC has the talent and tools to maximize media exposure, carefully communicate your message and convert readers/viewers to fans of your brand.


PR Asset Development

The ABC approach starts with content development. Our team generates unique story ideas and angles with a passion for the brand message and extensive knowledge of the target markets.

Our brand journalists scour the Web for hot topics and follow key influencers via social media for top-of-mind subjects. We craft compelling copy, attractive images and engaging video to capture the attention of writers and social media thought leaders as a start.

The PR team works with our SEO strategist to increase the likelihood that client content will rise to the top when journalists are researching the topic.

pr strategy

PR Strategy

ABC’s PR specialists have developed excellent relationships in many niches over the years. We utilize these to get clients priceless exposure online and in print locally and nationally.

We leverage the latest technology to fuel public relations strategy. ABC uses software that puts thousands of contacts at our fingertips and measures return on investment with precision.

This outreach and analytic tool allows us to contact media in a personalized way that’s more likely to open dialogue. It breaks down the quality of a PR campaign by monitoring “hits” of coverage while also assisting in the research of topics that will get press attention.

pr events


Our event experts take advantage of media connections and other relationships to put on press conferences and other public promotion opportunities that grab attention and increase exposure.

Whether handling celebrity talent, making an important announcement or celebrating a grand opening, you can be assured influencers will be there and deliver the correct message to their audiences.

pr stunts


When you’re dealing with a creative agency like ABC, you’re expanding promotional opportunity exponentially. Need a clever way to tell your brand story? We’ve been known to go guerilla to get client messages out there by any means necessary.



ABC’s PR technology allows us to perform in-depth analysis of coverage. We can gauge good and bad sentiment and create opportunity by connecting with those responsible. The PR team can track keywords to locate relevant content that can be curated on social media or used to inspire strategy.

We take the mystery out of PR ROI by placing an ad dollar value on the reach and impression of the interest and coverage we produce