Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be intimidating for marketers. Shrouded in a cloud of Google-fueled mystery, it appears to be hopelessly complicated: keywords, coding, algorithms.

Paying for something you don’t really understand is a tough sell. That’s why it’s our job to help you understand it.

SEO is indeed complex, but its value goes so far beyond showing up at the top of search results.
While the typical agency might promise big results, perform mysterious SEO magic behind closed doors, then print off a spreadsheet or pretty pie charts, ABC will walk you through the entire process and grow your own knowledge of those three little letters.

We’re not your typical agency. Our extraordinary creativity can be applied to every aspect of a campaign, whether cracking the cold façade of SEO or laying out well-researched marketing strategy.

seo approach

SEO Approach

SEO starts with understanding human behavior – what questions your target audiences are asking, where they’re going for the answers and how you can become that destination.

Research, the cornerstone of our idea-based marketing philosophy, helps our SEO experts find and understand what terms will capture attention. Our storytellers create content – copy, video and multimedia – to convert visitors into customers.

So, while search engine optimization may seem calculated and cold, we’ve been able to transform it into an art form. Once we have the triggers that place clients at the top the results page, we dig into strategy that reaches into every aspect of a campaign.

Understanding the target audience allows our media planners to place digital advertising in the places they’ll find it.

The aforementioned research tracks down the pages people are visiting, then delivers not just creative, but also content. This content activation engages the audience and begins the process of building a relationship.

We complement that with social media strategy that keeps them connected. We continue to develop the content that performs well. We fix what doesn’t.


Keyword Research

We start with thorough analysis of your industry, organization and consumers. We want to understand what people are looking for, which products or services they seek and how they want to receive the information.

Our SEO experts scour competitor websites to determine what’s working and then refine those terms based on knowledge of search algorithms.

On the non-technical side, we ask! What are your existing customers looking for? How did they find you? Which questions are they asking?

These keywords and questions form the foundation for SEO strategy that will breed digital success, dollars and cents.

seo measurement


The third invaluable byproduct of SEO is measurement. Through the geo- and behavioral targeting that form the backbone of digital strategy, we can gauge return on investment with remarkable precision.

We track quality traffic to your website as well as conversion. Statistics will show you that thorough research and thoughtful strategy get our outstanding creative and content in front of the personas you’re looking for.

During and at the conclusion of a campaign, our clients get hard numbers that contribute to the bottom line. You’ll see where you’re showing up on the search engine, how your digital advertising is working and why people are finding their way to your website.

Essentially, we take the science and art of SEO to expand optimization well beyond keywords, coding and algorithms. We measure it. Finally, we explain it in a way you can actually understand.