Video Production

Does your content marketing strategy include video? Have you seen the eye-popping viewer statistics?

Right now innumerable members of your target audience are watching untold hours of online content. Are you advancing your brand message with this media? It’s time to push things forward.

Viewers in every medium are demanding quality content, not a strategic afterthought. With the bar raised to such high levels, video content requires the highest level of talent and skill. We offer it all, along with the strategy to put this valuable creative asset in the right places.

ABC does all video production, from shooting to editing to the final cut, in house. We produce broadcast-ready video assets and socially fueled online content with equal creativity and quality.

video online

Online Video

Connecting with target audiences is always the major goal of content marketing. Whether webseries, YouTube spot or long-form documentary, ABC video services consistently achieve engagement objectives.

Our marketing strategists and media placement experts create and execute exceptional strategies time and again, putting your brand in front of the right people.

Online video gives you the best chance to reach the largest contingent of your target audience with incredible precision. Our team can determine the format, length and content that will connect with them with boundless creativity, making this the most flexible place to tell your brand’s story.

video social

Social Application

More and more, social media platforms are utilizing video to deliver content. So, we create and adapt online video for these social channels to encourage sharing.

Is your brand taking advantage of this priceless opportunity to increase reach and maximize exposure among your target audience? ABC can help produce the content that people not only want to view, but also share with a wider audience.



Can you tell your brand story in 30 seconds? Our content team is up for the challenge, ready to deliver your message within these strict confines with the same power and quality as other forms of video.


Long Form

Nothing tells your story like a documentary-style production. Our visual storytellers have the talent and tools to produce the in-depth films that connect with your target audience, engage current customers and intrigue others unfamiliar with your service or product.

The applications of long-form video are numerous, covering everything from internal education to PR to full-blown television production.



Visual storytelling is just as important in your organization as it is in public. We help develop corporate videos that energize crowds at annual meetings, inspire new employees or inform a potential customer about your products.

Corporate videos don’t have to be cold. Let ABC provide the creativity that makes your message clear and brand stand out for any audience.

video strategy

Video Strategy

Before we choose what video to make, we look at the larger goals of your strategic marketing plan.

What formats and contents will appeal to your audience? Where can we find those viewers? Why are we using this content?

With all things considered, we work with you to determine the video strategy that will maximize SEO, exposure and purpose.