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American Dining Creations

American Dining Creations is a Syracuse, New York-based company offering dining services to companies and colleges in 26 states. Uniquely family-owned and operated, ADC has experienced steady growth for more than 80 years and they came to ABC to continue that trend as they garner new business.

Our relationship started with the template for their sizable proposals to higher education institutions, the lifeblood of their business. ABC completely redesigned and proofed their base proposal that numbers more than 150 pages.

We also took over management of their social media, creating not only the posts but also the assets needed for them like graphics and video. ABC strategically determines what topics to cover and when on a monthly basis. ADC is always building its workforce. In addition to posts promoting services and creating brand awareness in a competitive industry, social media often focuses on recruitment as well.

ABC also has a role in content development, working with ADC to create articles and white papers that influence new business throughout the sales cycle. We regularly review and update the website with technical improvements as well as imagery and copy updates.

We back all this with support of any advertising opportunities, complete with concept development, design and messaging.