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Finger Lakes Farm Country

When you think of the Finger Lakes of New York, winemaking likely comes to mind. But, the agricultural heritage of this region goes well beyond the vine. ABC set out to tell that story through the Finger Lakes Farm Country campaign.

Finger Lakes Farm Country is a regional agritourism program that combines agriculture and tourism to promote the abundance of agricultural resources in the southern Finger Lakes. The communities surrounding these famed lakes are shifting the focus to food.

ABC was tasked with creating a memorable brand for agritourism attractions and businesses in the area while showcasing educational and recreational activities for visitors to the region. This started with logo development, a symbol that incorporates all the key agricultural features of the region.

The vibe and color palette carried over to a robust website that included plenty of imagery and listings. Written content was developed from the ground up and adapted for a complementary print piece. ABC also put together a series of articles to add to the content arsenal, engage visitors to the site and enhance SEO. A print ad campaign promoted the region and website as well.