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Seneca Direct Mail Campaign

Seneca, a multi-national brand of hardware in the physical security market, needed to create sales around a new partnership with Qognify, a major player on the software side of the industry. Seneca came armed with a curated list of integrators, the technicians who install surveillance systems, so ABC decided to go with a direct mail campaign.

This would not be the typical oversized postcard or sales letter. We wanted to generate leads with an attention-grabbing 3D piece that included a Yeti tumbler. The campaign invited this specific list of recipients to “have a cup of coffee” with a Seneca sales rep.

The mailing list first received the Yeti stuffed with information about the new partnership and a web page to go to. That landing page, also created by ABC, had the sole purpose of setting up meetings for sales reps to turn our creative cold call into hot leads.

Integrators received a follow-up email with a direct link to the landing page and a hint at something more on the way. That something was a Starbucks gift card to further the “have a cup of coffee” theme for integrators who hadn’t set a meeting yet. A final email gently begged the last few holdouts sign up.

The result of this clever cup/coffee/copy combination was astounding, producing numerous sales for Seneca. The mailing earned more than 125 meetings for a respectable 30-plus percent response rate.