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Visions: Loans for What Matters

Loans are necessary for most of the big purchases we make in life. They are also pretty scary when it comes to putting the signature on paper and committing to the monthly payment.

For Visions Federal Credit Union’s “Money Matters to People. People Matter to Us.” campaign, ABC wanted to show an understanding of the anxiety that accompanies these big decisions.

The message: Loans can be scary and that’s OK. It’s important to focus on what matters.

Taking on debt is a tough decision we are all faced with and
it can be perceived as negative. But, ABC wanted to show all the positives that come from taking out those loans: memorable afternoons on the boat, family trips in the car, the life built in that once-new home. The memories outlast the loans.

The result was this series of engaging vignettes that remind all of us of the things that truly matter.