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Visit Binghamton: Bing Golf

Binghamton, New York, is a small city amid the rural landscape of Broome County, an idyllic setting that plays hosts to some pretty incredible golf courses. It’s this blend of natural beauty and urban amenities that make the area ideal for an epic golf trip. ABC set out to expose these hidden gems with a digital campaign that successfully attracted drive-time golfers to purchase packages.

It started with a dedicated website that spotlighted four key courses offering these reasonably-priced packages. The cheap greens fees weren’t the only draw though. Our primary target audience hailed from Canada and the messaging urged them to get on those greens earlier than they might be able to up north.

Carefully timed around spring, a series of social media ads presented captivating images, video and editorial content to spread the word about the history and quality surrounding these one-of-a-kind courses that also happened to host PGA golfers.

We pushed the idea of an affordable weekend trip that could capably entertain a group of buddies both on the course and off. The website additionally highlighted the dining, craft brew and other things to do around town in vibrant Binghamton.

The partner courses were extremely pleased with the uptick in package sales that accompanied this annual campaign over the course of several years.