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Visit Binghamton: Website

Binghamton, New York, is a quiet, yet up-and-coming community where its former rust belt distinction has grown into something stunning and beautiful. We attempted to capture this evolution into a great weekend destination with a completely new web presence for Visit Binghamton.

The Visit Binghamton website incorporates video throughout, but nowhere as prominent as the home page, where visitors can learn what the vibrant towns of Greater Binghamton are all about. As the user scrolls, motion attracts the eye to all the key elements of a great visit to Binghamton, including family fun, events, food and drink, golf, and arts and entertainment. The site got a complete refresh of imagery and copy, with plenty of SEO to back it up.

The award-winning Bing Stories series takes centerstage with content-rich pages that include a feature story to go along with a video about Bing things of interest. All the most unique features of this Southern Tier city are covered, including spiedies, Rod Serling and its status as the “Carousel Capital of the World.”