Media Planning and Buying

They say more money means more problems. That can certainly be the case with media budgets.

Whether you’ve got a $1 million or $1,000 to spend, where do you even start? What media will most effectively connect with your target audience? What markets are they in? Do you go with digital or traditional?

Not only do you need a plan, you need the expertise that will target the right consumers and net you the most value. ABC has decades of experience making great buys with any budget and forming the relationships that get added value for your placement.

We work closely with clients to determine how much to spend and where to invest it. Our collaborative approach ensures you’ll also have a clear understanding of why we’ve made these recommendations and shows you ROI in the results.

media planning

Media Planning

Our approach to media planning goes well beyond the budget.

First, we establish a thorough understanding of the client’s goals. Similar to the creative process, our strategy considers the ideal customer, what action we need them to take and where to get their attention.

From there, we determine the best means to get your brand message in front of them.

We evaluate the creative vehicle for that message closely to ensure its employed in the proper medium and deployed to the proper channels.


Added Value

ABC places ads regionally and nationally with longtime partners and grabs every advantage possible for clients.

We consider added value a vital piece of media placement. ABC’s expert buyers routinely negotiate extended runs in publications, on television, online or outdoors at the same price they started with.

Would you like some priceless exposure to go with that media budget? We often make it happen and then create the editorial and visual content for the bonus coverage as necessary – blog posts, e-communications or sponsored content on news, niche and social sites.


Creative Placement

At ABC, we tend to be just as creative with our placement as we are with our concepts. We thoroughly understand your message and goals, which gives us the creative freedom to effectively tell your brand story.

This may include digital content activation, online video placement or print ads. The options are innumerable, giving us limitless possibilities to move your brand forward.

ABC constantly comes to the table with new strategies and ideas. Whenever those moments of inspiration arrive, we flush it out with the creative team to transform good ideas into great ones. We consistently keep clients top-of-mind, which often leads to new inspiration for ad content or nailing down the right media mix.