A lot of marketing problems can be solved from the inside out. In fact, we believe every marketing challenge begins with thorough research, starting with self-examination.

Successful campaigns are born from within. ABC’s methodic approach to research and account planning uncovers weaknesses and reveals opportunity.

Are you struggling with your brand identity? Have you developed a strong message? ABC will work with you to find that unique selling point you’ve been searching for.

We use a vast variety of research resources, both quantitative and qualitative, to get to the bottom of what makes or breaks your brand.

Video Testing and Analysis

We collect lots of numbers to measure the success of marketing campaigns: sales, leads, view counts, clicks. But, when it comes to gauging creativity, hard data is hard to find.

Until now.

In the past, testing creative meant focus groups or surveys. It also meant spending a lot of time and money on less-than-reliable results based on opinions.

ABC now offers its clients an easier, more affordable and, quite frankly, really cool way to get clear, actionable insights into video content. Our facial recognition technology measures the effectiveness of your video content and increases the likelihood you’ll convert prospects to customers.

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internal audit

Internal Audit

The research and planning stage starts at the most basic level: with the clients themselves. Over the course of several sessions, ABC questions people within the organization.

This internal focus helps establish what you see as the community’s most important assets, largest challenges and biggest competition. This period of Q and A helps determine what’s worked in the past and, more importantly, what hasn’t.

How effective are your current marketing materials? Where is there room for improvement? We tackle these questions together with a professional assessment of the creative assets you have before moving on to external research.

focus groups

Surveys and Focus Groups

ABC uses the opinions, perspectives and perceptions to assemble and distribute any surveys that will help gauge outside interest – or lack thereof – in your brand.

The survey, which may be conducted online, on paper, by phone or any combination deemed appropriate provides a good baseline and gives us a solid grasp on your target audiences.

This external research may utilize focus groups to get a more in-depth look at the all-important feelings your ideal consumer has about your organization and products.

In all cases, ABC works with you to determine the targets, develop the questions, disseminate the measurement tools and digest the feedback.

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis

ABC takes full advantage of digital tools, including software that tracks coverage and mentions in the traditional and social media that add to the insight collected via discovery sessions, meetings, focus groups, surveys and available demographic data.

Competitive analysis will show what other organizations with similar makeup and target audiences are doing – and what they should be – to advance their brands.

ABC’s search engine optimization experts dig deep online to analyze behavior of the target audiences. SEO can reaffirm the plusses and minuses revealed during internal and external research and uncover new opportunities based on what the desired personas are searching for, where they are coming from and how we can best position your brand to connect with them.

account planning

Account Planning

Dedicated account planners funnel all this information into creative briefs that drive concept development and eventually fuel strategy. They ensure all the measurement tools at our disposal are fully utilized, and then guide brand development and management.

Your account planner puts the foundation for a campaign in place, sets a timeline for deliverables and interprets the results via constant communication and collaboration with the client.