Social Media

We all use social media in our everyday lives, but do you understand how to use it in business? If your organization has a presence, are you using it effectively?

The platforms are numerous. The content is plentiful. Marketing strategy is necessary.

Social media has flooded our lives and those of our targeted audiences with a deluge of information and ways to digest it. It’s a tough landscape to navigate as a consumer and a brand.

ABC helps clients take control of social media with strong creative content and sound strategies.

development strategy

Development Strategy

Like any other marketing tool, social media has to fit firmly into the higher-level strategy at work for the brand. You don’t just dive in and start posting with no objective.

Ultimately, we want to amplify your content and drive more quality traffic to your website so you can generate more leads.

So, we start with the obvious questions: What are we trying to say? How are we going to create and curate content that tells that story? What social platforms will we use to connect with the target audiences?

We watch competitors and trends to determine what types of content are capturing the attention of your targets. We create and curate the content that pushes the brand message forward.

The heart of social media beats with the value you offer your followers. Whether entertaining, informing, making a special offer or any combination thereof, it has to have a purpose and it has to work toward your marketing goal.

ABC carefully plans and executes social media management with your success in mind at all times.


Social Media Management

ABC handles day-to-day social media presences using several marketing tools available to us as a full-service agency.

PR technology allows us to find and share third-party content relevant to your followers. We also create content based on the latest analytics, current trends and which platform we’re using. We try to get the most mileage out of original content by tailoring it to the existing audience and that social media channel.

We engage with followers of your brand, responding to questions or criticism swiftly. In fact, we put protocol for responses to certain type of feedback in place as part of the overall strategy, keeping our social media managers prepared and clients at ease.

Clients receive monthly analytic reports interpreted in plain English and presented in the context of your organization’s social media and strategic marketing goals.

creative branding

Creative Branding

Every post must push the brand message forward in some way. Your brand story exclusively drives our entire approach to content creation and curation using this essential engagement tool.

Used correctly, social media can give your brand a strong identity, keep you connected to your consumers and generate new leads. To achieve this, every post must have a purpose.

new media

New Media

The sheer numbers of new social media platforms popping up on a daily, if not hourly, basis can seem a bit overwhelming, especially for business – and it is. Keeping up on the latest tech with an objective eye and creative lens means you can trust your agency is taking care of the latest, greatest and not-so-greatest so you don’t have to.

We make solid recommendations for the media that make sense and keep an eye on the ones that don’t … yet.