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4 Keys to Retaining Social Media Followers

Devin Negrete • 

In content marketing, we talk a lot about gaining followers on social media. But, that’s really just the half of it. It’s just as critical to retain your followers, consistently engaging them to the extent that they convert and ultimately take some sort of action that supports your marketing goals.

So, once you’ve got someone’s attention, how do you keep it? Spoiler alert: It’s not easy, especially in the crowded, noisy space that is social media. But, there are a few things you can do that will give you the best chance to earn those conversions.


It’s essential you never lose sight of the reaction you’re after. Maybe you want people to buy more of your product or maybe you’re building support behind your cause. Whatever that end goal is, it should be part of every concept you develop and every asset you create.


Consistent messaging and brand voice is the foundation for meaningful engagement in content marketing. All those followers you’ve accumulated have expectations that you need to fulfill right down to the time of day you post in some cases. Be steady in your content and cadence as well as your interaction. Social media is about being, well, social, so don’t underestimate the power of likes, comments and timely responses to DMs.


Ideas, ideas, ideas. They should constantly flow from your social media team. We mentioned audience expectations. You should aim to raise them on a regular basis. Never be content with your content. Continuously creating new ways to tell your story will keep your followers interested in what you have to say.


There is a disclaimer to the last point. If something’s worked in the past, don’t be afraid to revive it. But, don’t just repost old stuff. Take a winning concept and tweak – maybe it’s a new design or some other variation of the original intent. When an organic social campaign runs out of assets, don’t declare success and just move on. Seems obvious, but it’s a common misstep to develop a concept, execute it, measure it and then completely forget about it.

If anything, keep in mind there’s plenty of room for old and new in a sound social media strategy. Keep your goals at the top, keep messaging and cadence consistent, keep the new ideas coming, keep a tab on what’s working and you’re bound to keep followers engaged.

Devin NegreteAbout The Author

Negrete brings a varied skill set to account management at ABC with a strong background in public relations, journalism and social media marketing as well.

The University of Central Missouri graduate started out as a broadcast journalist with stints in St. Joseph, Missouri; Savannah, Georgia; and Binghamton, New York, as an anchor and reporter. A digital media production major in college, Negrete’s primary marketing experience revolves around social media management, PR, and the organization and execution of numerous campaigns.

She identifies most with the hard-working team of creatives here at ABC, where she handles day-to-day communications with clients as well as project management for several accounts.