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8 Office Monsters That Can Deep-Six Your Marketing Plans


Beware these guys and ghouls that might mash your strategy …

Wolfman – Wants to sink his teeth into every social media platform ever without considering time or resources.

Zombie – Wanders the marketing landscape living off of others’ ideas. If it’s not a best practice, it can’t be done.

Frankenstein – Scuffles around piecing the marketing plan together with no goals or planning.

Dracula – Can’t move forward on any idea without a meeting. You might catch him with colleagues for “pop-ins” that seem to last from dusk till dawn.

The Ghost – Lives in the past and won’t adapt to new technology or ideas. Thrives off the fear that pushing the boundaries will kill the organization.

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde – Dr. Jekyll fears trying anything that doesn’t fit into conventional measurement methods. Mr. Hyde stops at nothing to find the next big thing without any thought of results.

Witch/Warlock – Believes in the one magic potion that will fix everything and tries to cast the spell relentlessly until everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid.

Godzilla – Ancient and clunky, this monster lays waste to the creative terrain, crushing any new ideas.