Facebook Page Updates and What That Means to Your Business

If you manage your company’s Facebook page, then we’re sure you’ve heard about the recent changes implemented by Facebook. But what does all of it mean? How does it affect your business and engagement with fans? Here are a few insights for you that ABC found to be most beneficial for businesses:

Use Facebook as Your Page or Personal Profile

Facebook has made toggling between your identity as an organization’s page or as an individual extremely easy. Previously, organization/group page administrators could only comment as such on their own pages. Now, page admins have the ability to post and comment on other Facebook pages through a “Login as Page” feature. Ultimately this new feature gives admins the ability to interact with the rest of Facebook as the organization’s page, rather than as your individual page. For example, we could log in as ABC Creative Group and start commenting and “liking” things on Facebook pages that have “liked” ABC Creative Group. This not only allows you to interact with new fan pages but also increases your awareness and gives you exposure to new fans. 

In addition to using Facebook as your organization’s page, you can also switch back to use Facebook as a personal profile, allowing you to comment as an individual on your own fan page. This feature allows you to interact with fans or address a specific comment as an individual.

Email Notifications for Page Activity

Admins can opt to receive an email alert whenever a comment is made on one of their pages, sent to the email address they use for their account. This allows you to continuously monitor the activity of your page without having to constantly log into Facebook to manually check posts. This can be especially helpful in terms of response rate to fans’ inquiries and/or removing spam-like posts before anyone has a chance to read it.

Overall, the new features and enhancements will allow admins to easily manage their pages and further enhance their engagements with their fans.

About the Author

Jamie knows how to deliver outstanding account service to ABC clients. After all, she used to be one. Jamie started her career as chief marketing officer at a financial institution, where she hired ABC to take on a multimedia campaign. Impressed by the creative concepts, strategy and results, she developed a relationship that would last until the bank grew and was eventually purchased. When Jamie decided to transition back to marketing after a few years in higher education fundraising, she knew that ABC would make a good fit for her personality and talents. As the chief executive in charge client relations at ABC, she oversees all account service, including media buying, social media management and public relations. Jamie’s varied background in executive and nonprofit leadership as well as ownership of her own small business has helped elevate ABC account service from exceptional to exemplary. She shares the passion and vision of ABC’s clients, advocating for their brands, approaching them with new ideas and assuring all projects stay on time and budget.