Project Insight: Applying Our Minds to a Mental Health Awareness Campaign

How do you turn a taboo topic into everyday conversation?

Despite the fact that mental health issues are fairly common among teens, they don’t tend to discuss it with their peers. OnCare, Onondaga County and the Syracuse City School District wanted to change that with a campaign aimed at about 20,000 middle and high schoolers.

ABC developed a challenge designed to remove the stigma around mental health, using a simple question as a conversation starter. The three-step challenge encouraged students to ask a friend or classmate “You Good?” once a week, listen to their response and check back in later.

Designers developed a contemporary logo to resonate with the younger audience, incorporating it into several multimedia assets, including banners, posters, stickers, magnets, enamel pins and T-shirts. Graphics and video explained the challenge on social media.

Everything drives youth to the You Good? web page, which includes recommended conversation starters and links to mental health resources.