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This Is How Sound Research Fuels Solid Creative


Everyone loves the finished product. The perfected logo. The commercial that makes you chuckle or maybe even brings you to tears. The stunning website that wins your company that sweet award that sits on your shelf.

What most don’t see is the path that gets you there.

While creating visually appealing artwork is part of our repertoire, it represents just a fraction of what we do. It takes so much to even get to that point. Our mission as your agency extends far beyond surface-level art and copy. We are passionate about understanding behavior, dissecting market trends, and harnessing strategic insights that fuel remarkable marketing strategies.

Picture marketing research as an intricate art form – a canvas where data, trends and psychology come together.

We leave no stone unturned, examining the rich tapestry of human desires, motivations and preferences. We ask our clients a lot of questions. When we think we’re done, we ask more.

Data isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to nerd out about, and we acknowledge that raw data can be daunting. But it’s a necessary tool in our marketing kit and it’s where our account team’s expertise shines. Hours are spent scouring for any insight that could provide direction.

They transform abstract figures into tangible narratives that guide our clients’ campaigns.

Like any good agency should, we firmly believe that understanding our clients’ target audiences are the cornerstone of effective marketing. By immersing ourselves in their world, we uncover invaluable insights that allow us to tailor campaigns that genuinely resonate.

Our research not only reveals consumer behavior patterns, but also uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ competitors. Armed with this knowledge, we strategically position our clients to outshine the competition and claim their place in the market. What is the competition doing that’s working? What’s not working? How do we rise above the noise that is already captivating the audience with a very short attention span?

At ABC, research is the backbone that elevates us beyond just pretty artwork, funny or dramatic commercials, and killer websites. Research empowers us to create marketing campaigns that are both intelligent and captivating. We are more than designers, writers and coders. We are driven by research, and driven to build sound solutions that help our clients succeed.

About The Author

Rachel brings her more than a decade of experience in marketing to ABC in her role as Director of Agency Operations. That experience spans work in nonprofit, health care, dairy, insurance and wholesale industries.

While spending most of her career on the client side, Rachel was drawn to the creative culture of agency life here at ABC. Through her understanding of the creative process, Rachel makes sure that all work that comes in and out of the agency stays on track.

Rachel works closely with ABC’s Creative Director and Account Managers to meet client expectations before, during and after each project.