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Why You Still Need Human Designers and Writers in the Age of AI


It’s no secret that the world is evolving quickly, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ever-expanding reach into various industries. AI has really taken center stage of late, churning out auto-generated content, images, voices and even videos. The robots are not coming for all our jobs just yet, though. Let’s take a moment to look at why you still need the magic touch of human designers and writers, even in this AI-infused era.


AI might be great at following instructions and patterns, but it’s not quite ready to channel its inner Shakespeare or Picasso. When it comes to tapping into human emotions, AI often falls flat. Humans bring something special to the table – a flair for creativity, a dash of unpredictability, and a touch of that “je ne sais quoi” that gives a design or a piece of writing its unique character.

Can AI capture the essence of your brand’s story, the subtle play of emotions and the intricate mingling of color, image and typography? It might get the gist, but there’s definitely something missing from current offerings. A good designer and writer can infuse your brand with personality that AI just can’t replicate at the moment. It’s like comparing a well-rehearsed monologue to an Oscar-winning performance – there’s a difference, and it’s not always in favor of the rehearsed lines.


Let’s talk about humor: the magical ingredient that turns a good design into a memorable one, or a piece of writing into a laugh-out-loud masterpiece. While AI might understand jokes on a grammatical level, it can’t truly grasp the nuances of humor, sarcasm or a well-timed pun.

Here’s where we designers and writers shine. We can add a twist that gets your audience smiling, nodding, and sharing. We’ll add that bit of unpredictability that the algorithms can’t. We’re the ones who know that a strategically placed cat meme can make your marketing campaign go viral, and that a witty headline can make any ad or billboard into a great conversation piece.

Human Connection

Empathy is another advantage people have over AI. The importance of the ability to understand, connect with, and move your audience can’t be overstated. AI might be able to analyze data and spit out approximations of what it thinks you want, but it’s still not great at tapping into human emotion and tailoring its messages to elicit certain reactions.

Designers and writers are like emotional detectives. We delve deep into the minds and hearts of your audience, uncovering what makes them tick and what tugs at their heartstrings. We then infuse this emotional intelligence into our work, forging connections that resonate on a level AI just can’t reach. Until it can really simulate and understand the human experience, the bots will always fall short here.


AI is pretty cool and everything, but it’s not the best office colleague. Sure, it can do a lot of tasks, but you’re not going to be bonding, collaborating and brainstorming with it over coffee. The beauty of human designers and writers lies in our ability to bounce ideas around, fuel creativity through conversation and collectively work together to make our concepts the best they can be.

Collaboration isn’t just about output – it’s about weaving together diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to craft something that’s truly exceptional. AI might be able to suggest ideas, but after that, someone needs to brew another pot and get the crew together to transform those suggestions into a winning campaign.


AI can predict patterns and make guesses, but it can’t genuinely understand your audience’s dreams, aspirations and emotional triggers. The essence of good design and effective writing lies in personalization – the art of tailoring content and visuals to make your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Human designers and writers have the unique ability to get inside the heads of your target audience and create something that resonates with them personally. AI can help with the research, but then it’s up to designers and writers to use that information to dream up the perfect image or headline that will draw people in.

The Future

As the world continues to embrace AI and its potential, there’s a comforting realization that emerges: AI isn’t here to replace us; it’s here to elevate us. The future is symbiotic, technology and human ingenuity working together to generate amazing results. Designers and writers will continue to find new ways to harness AI’s capabilities to amplify our creativity, enhance our efficiency and take our craft to new heights.

So, dear clients, AI might be the shiny new toy in the room, but it’s us – the designers, the writers, the storytellers – who really understand you and can make sure your message stands out, whatever medium it may be. Our humor, our empathy, our knack for the unexpected – these are elements that make your brand really come to life. AI has a long way to go before it can outwit our imagination; our quirks, creativity and collaborative spirits will keep us relevant, no matter how integrated AI becomes in our lives.

About The Author

Sean brings a true passion for all things design to ABC. He elevates his expertise in typography, color and texture in every piece he creates for clients.

He has a varied background that has earned him managerial and senior status in previous positions. As a member of the ABC team, the Rochester Institute of Technology grad is our go-to for projects of all kinds and sizes as we entrust his expert eye with everything from print pieces to digital design.

Sean was drawn to working with a close, collaborative group of people that are passionate and full of great ideas when he decided to join ABC.