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You’ve Got Mail! The Power Of Email in Marketing


No, we’re not making reference to that quirky romantic comedy from the 90s with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

We’re Talking About Email Marketing and Newsletters

“You’ve got mail” is what the end user sees when they open their inbox and see your mode of online communication sitting there. If you were effective in grabbing their attention, they’ll skim it and decide they want to open it to read more; if not, they will reject it and send it on to the dark and dreaded trash bin. With merely seconds to capture their attention, your e-blast needs to be captivating and provide value. Everything from the subject line, to the time of day it arrives, to the day of the week, all plays into whether or not they will open it.

Let’s bring it back to basics, to one of the most cost effective communication tools: Email Marketing. Some refer to it as the e-blast.

If you’re not already utilizing email marketing in the form of an e-blast or e-newsletter to communicate to your customers or potential customers, then START! If you already have one in place, we thought we’d share with you a few ways to enhance your e-communications.

Email Marketing Pointers

They subscribed. They want to hear from you.

When someone subscribes to your email list, they are actively looking for more information from you. They want to hear from you and receive updates, specials, you name it. What other form of media will allow you to deliver messaging to those who specifically request it and will actively engage with you?

Make your email message relevant to your audience.

But just because you have all of these subscribers, doesn’t mean you can send out random, irrelevant information that’s properly placed in a template and provides no call to action or link to your site. These subscribers are still customers or potential leads, so make sure your e-blast is designed that way. Everything from a catchy title with just enough of a sneak peak of the article to a strategy for the best time of day and best day of the week for your subscribers.

Measure & analyze your email results.

One of the most useful things you can do is strategically analyze the results of your e-blast.  As part of all of our e-communication plans, we are able to track and analyze the data to see not only who clicked on the article but how many times, as well as which articles were most read and if readers clicked through to the website. All in all, this has proven to be an exceptional tool for prospecting leads!

While email marketing doesn’t usually get you in front of millions of people, it’s good to remember that for most small businesses, getting in front of millions of people is not the point.

The point is to put what you have to offer in front of the people who have the greatest interest in it, and are most likely to either buy it or share it with someone who will.

If you’re reading this post and realizing that your current out-of-the-box email template software is not producing the results you want or you have no clue if it’s working for you, give us a call! The next time your customer sees your email, make it count!