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Director of Video Production Tours Vacant Mall

(2/12/21 – Syracuse, N.Y.) Our Director of Video Production Jordan Harmon recently had the opportunity to explore the modern-day ruins and capture images of the once-popular Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt.

A landmark that used to be where the hustle and bustle of the holiday season commenced has now sat completely vacant since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Jordan was invited to be on-site to take capture some photos for the Onondaga Historical Association. As an avid urban explorer whose travels have taken him to abandoned spaces across the state, Jordan and he jumped on the opportunity right away.

Jordan had the opportunity to get a tour of the mall along with a county official since Onondaga now holds ownership of the grounds. This may have been one of the last times an outsider could walk through the once-busy shopping center due to potential new ownership opportunities projected within the next few years.   Jordan’s photos have already been showcased on Syracuse History’s Instagram and will be donated to the Onondaga Historical Association so they can have a high-quality record of the mall before changes are made.