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Copywriter Manages to Screw Up Lead Story for This Month’s Eblast, Then Goes On Vacation

(6/29/21 – Syracuse) July was the month we were supposed to unveil our biggest story of 2021. We had all the stats and figures, the perfect graphics to accompany the most thought provoking piece in the history of ABC. All we were missing was the actual content.

There’s only so much a company can do when the Copywriter, the sole person in charge of content presents a story that is no where near finished and then decides, now is a good time to go on vacation. Well that’s where ABC Creative Group found ourselves this month and we felt the only proper course of action was a swift public shaming.

This month was supposed to highlight a very important project for ABC in our eblast, especially given the fact we are now approaching a time where the economy is opening back up and we are seeing travel at an all time high. The rest of the creative team slaved over data and research for months to prepare an article that was going to revolutionize tourism and travel for our clients. It was going to offer these same clients new ideas in the way of digital marketing and SEO never before seen in our industry. We were even ready for the Wall Street Journal to run a cover story on our findings and all it took was the shrugging of one’s shoulders to bring this train to a screeching halt.

Being that we are constant professionals here, and we understand that accidents happen, even if that accident could have been prevented by just focusing on your work and not taking off early for vacation, we want to let this individual know that we forgive him. I mean not much we can do about it now seeing as he waited until the last minute and then didn’t review it before he left. Clearly, who could have seen this series of unfortunate events happening.

“Our copywriter has brought great shame to all of us. I hope his vacation is filled with fire ants.”

Frank, Accounting

So to our clients, please forgive us and know that our August Creative Brief will be so much more in depth and offer a look at some of the great work we have been doing. And to the man responsible for us having to write this apology we hope you enjoy your vacation…no really.