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Experience Cortland Tells Some ‘Tales from the Trail’ in New Video Series

The award-winning Cortland Curiosities campaign just got an upgrade with three video companions to stories on the website.

Cortland Curiosities is a tourism initiative featuring a growing list of trails full of mystery, intrigue and forgotten history in Cortland County. Experience Cortland chose to highlight the Cardiff Giant, the 1890 House and the 1925 Brockway Firetruck to kick off the series.

These three premieres feature fascinating stories as told by the experts who know these unusual tales from the trails best. The Cardiff Giant uncovers the peculiar story behind one of the greatest hoaxes in American history that originated right here in Cortland County. We then explored the haunting history of the 1890 house museum and the paranormal activity that happens there. Finally, the incredible story of the 1925 Brockway Firetruck unfolds like a movie script full of twists and turns as volunteer firefighters from Argentina made a harrowing journey to Cortland more than 60 years ago.

To reflect the overall vibe of the campaign, we gave these videos the creepy treatment using many elements from the website and collateral. Give these epic stories a watch, then head on over to the website for a deeper dive into the Strange and Forgotten History of Cortland County. You won’t be disappointed.