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Seasoned Creative Director Admits He’s Run Out of Good Ideas

(8/2/21 – Syracuse) After 20-plus years, Travis Bort, Creative Director at Syracuse-based advertising agency ABC Creative, admits he thinks he has run out of good ideas.

“I keep coming up with a lot of bad ideas, but I just can’t seem to find a good one,” Travis said.

Travis’ agency has always been focused on and known for its creative approach to client needs. As Owner and Creative Director, Travis has been crucial in either coming up with those ideas or helping develop the creative environment for his team to develop award-winning creative. Travis truly secured his good idea knowledge in 2014 when he published his best-selling piece 7 Ideas to Make Bowls Even More Dope Than They Already Are.

For the past several weeks, however, he reveals he cannot come up with any good ideas.

“It all started when I took a few days off,” Travis said. “Maybe I have just lost my mojo.”

He also admitted that after two different recent creative meetings with his staff that all of his ideas were complete shit. Since those two meetings, Travis has retreated to his office and has not spoken to many people.

“I keep coming up with a lot of bad ideas, but I just can’t seem to find a good one.”


Some sources close to Travis claim that this happened once before back in 2008 and they believe that it may have something to do with stress and very unique lunar events. Sources also say that Travis resumed developing good ideas within two weeks back then.

“It was gradual. It started with some OK ideas, but eventually the good ideas came back strong,” reports an anonymous source.

In an email correspondence days before the publishing of this article, Travis did say that he felt some good ideas may be returning and that his clients need not be worried because he has several journals full of good ideas from his past that he can always tap into.