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ABC Director of Photography Develops Film Skills

(10/3/18 – Syracuse, N.Y.) As long as he doesn’t go all Hollywood on us, we’re pretty cool with Todd Thompson’s side gig making movies.

Todd occasionally moonlights as a digital loader for American High, a film production company based in Liverpool. He’s worked on two films to date: “Looks that Kill” starring Brandon Flynn and “Big Time Adolescence” starring John Cryer and Pete Davidson. The latter created plenty of buzz in Central New York and Todd was right at the center of the action as they filmed around Syracuse.

He’s responsible for getting the media from camera to computer, essentially the protector of the actual film. It’s his responsibility to backup and prep files for the editors.

A card-carrying member of Local 600 Cinematographers Guild, Todd says the experience has been extremely valuable in his full-time role as Director of Photography at ABC.

He’s picked up many tips and tricks from camera operators and directors with decades of experience during his time on-set.

The two films he worked on are due to premiere on the festival circuit and eventually arrive in theaters next year.