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ABC Launches Educational YouTube Series

(12/23/21 – Syracuse, N.Y.) Personal finance can be tough. And no matter how good of a money manager you are, we could all use a few tips.

That’s exactly what a new YouTube series produced by ABC Creative for Visions Federal Credit Union delivers. In short, engaging videos, “Devin from Visions” walks viewers through the ins and outs of topics like credit and homeownership in Cash Clips.

The series capitalizes on the social-friendly wave of how-to and explainer videos that is dominating the content marketing space right now, but it’s not without the help of a sharp media strategy developed by ABC.

The early months of 2022 will be filled with ubiquitous promotion of the Cash Clips series as we are taking a unique approach to YouTube advertising. ABC is utilizing TrueView Video Discovery ads as well as TrueView In-Stream ads.

TrueView Video Discovery ads act like search engine marketing ads in the YouTube search function. The ad links to a YouTube video, so when a user clicks, they’re taken directly to the Cash Clips video watch page as if they’ve clicked on an organic video result. Just as with search engine marketing ads, TrueView Video Discovery ads utilize keywords to target an audience interested in financial content.

Watch a video from the Cash Clips YouTube series and see more here

TrueView In-Stream ads, sometimes referred to as pre-roll ads, are the format most YouTube users are familiar with. In-Stream ads automatically play before, during or after other videos and can appear on YouTube watch pages, videos on partner sites, and apps in the Google Display Network. We will be delivering the Visions-branded clips as TrueView In-Stream ads to these hyper-targeted users based on similar content they are watching. We will also use a look-a-like audience to target users who have an interest in financial literacy.

The strategy, which also includes title, descriptions and tags optimized for the world’s second-largest search engine, promises to boost Visions’ YouTube subscriber base while also raising brand awareness of the credit union that cares about its members’ financial wellness. As a matter of fact, now would be a good time for you to subscribe and get all the great advice Cash Clips has to offer as additional episodes are released.