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ABCers Share Even More of Their Favorite Projects

From time to time, we like to look back on some of our favorite projects and give insight into how they came to be, so we asked the ABC team to describe the creative endeavors that have inspired them most over recent years.

Upstate Eats Trail

This project promoting all the proprietary dishes of upstate New York was a favorite of Project Manager Rachel Kelly. ABC helmed the Upstate Eats website highlighting every home-grown flavor from Buffalo’s wings and Rochester’s garbage plates to Syracuse’s salt potatoes and Binghamton’s spiedies sandwiches. We packed the site with great content and tasty itineraries for exploring epicures. For an agency so experienced in food and beverage tourism promotion, this was a special and, frankly, very cool initiative to be a part of. Rachel chose this project for its national attention-earning, award-winning design and functionality. The trail itself, anchored by the website, actually earned coverage from the likes of Forbes and Food & Wine magazine.


Director of Account Service Nick Zappia chose the Firefighters Association of the State of New York (FASNY) RecruitNY Weekend as a personal favorite. It’s ABC’s job to recruit departments for a statewide open house that in turn recruits new volunteer firefighters, an ever-growing need in New York state. We create tons of promotional materials that departments use to draw potential recruits to their doors at the end of each April. The campaign, which begins in January, is a long, but repeatedly rewarding, one as it’s helped add some 25,000 volunteer firefighters to department roles over the past decade or so. Nick is proud to be part of a real difference-maker that improves smaller communities across the state.

Mobile Support Unit

Account Manager Juwan Anderson is proud to be a part of a recent initiative of the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center and the Street Addiction Institute that mobilizes care in communities affected by violence. The Mobile Support Unit was designed and decorated by ABC and we also put a media campaign in motion to raise awareness of this essential service. This unique vehicle responds to neighborhoods in need of relief following traumatic events. It aspires to be a true difference-maker in communities that need it the most. The campaign resonates with Juwan because it addresses such a critical social issue on the local level.