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‘Cash Clips’ Position Client as Resource

(9/21/20 – Syracuse, N.Y.) A series of explainer videos that answers questions about cash is positioning ABC client Visions Federal Credit Union as a resource and thought leader in the personal finance space.

Cash Clips is hosted by an actual Visions employee for an added degree of authenticity intended to resonate with the Millennial and Gen Z audiences. The first few episodes of the Cash Clips series feature questions about credit and tips for saving. Visions has long been committed to financial literacy and ABC developed the series with that in mind.

Shot and produced at ABC’s in-house studio, these partially animated episodes were used to draw viewers to and encourage subscriptions to the YouTube channel with a campaign that included ad sequencing.

Ad sequencing delivers video clips of varying lengths to the same YouTube viewer over time, so ABC cut a series of teaser videos that boosted channel views by well over 10,000 in just the first week. Subscriber counts also climbed, further solidifying Visions standing as a personal finance expert and provider of sound advice.

Visions has plans to roll out more episodes over the next year or so, so be sure to subscribe to their channel to view them as they are released.