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FASNY Asks Volunteer Firefighters for Their Opinion

(May/June – The Volunteer Firefighter)

FASNY Holds Focus Groups to Assist with Upcoming SAFER Recruitment Campaign

As part of the recruitment activities funded by the SAFER grant with which FASNY was recently awarded, a statewide awareness campaign is underway highlighting the personal and community benefits of being a volunteer firefighter.

To assist in the development of a concept for this largest-ever-in-history recruitment campaign in New York State, FASNY President David Jacobowitz and Volunteer Programs Coordinator Tom O’Hara conducted focus groups with young volunteer firefighters from around the state in mid-March. ABC Creative Group, out of Syracuse, NY, assisted FASNY in organizing the day of research. The focus groups provided a fresh look at how volunteer firefighting is perceived both from within the fire service and from an outsider’s point of view, as well as insights into why today’s young adults join in the first place – or do not join, for that matter. The candid feedback greatly assisted in the early stages of the development and creation of the campaign, leading us to ask the public “Is There a Fire in You?”