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IT Product Launch Gets a Boost from ABC Creative Group

(7/3/18 – Syracuse, N.Y.) A leading IT equipment manufacturer recently teamed with ABC Creative Group to launch its latest product.

The U-Series Fiber Connectivity System is an industry-first thanks to patented technology developed by FIBERONE®. The East Syracuse-based company needed some marketing muscle in advance of the product launch at a major national tradeshow.

ABC started with extensive industry research and hands-on exploration of the innovative product to uncover the key selling points. With patented technology as a key differentiator, the next challenge was to add some excitement to a highly technical, niche product.

The creative team engineered a campaign driven by dynamic imagery. The launch included design and content for a web page dedicated to the U-Series. ABC created all the copy and images that serve as the main lead generation source for sales.

ABC developed the concept for a display at the Fiber Connect Conference in Nashville. The booth included oversized signage and original video demonstrating the U-Series’ key features. Sales sheets for each model we’re redesigned by ABC.

In addition, ABC generated plenty of PR around the event. A press release announcing the product launch appeared in 228 outlets for a reach of 82 million-plus people.