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Leading the ‘Good Life’

(11/4/19 – Syracuse, N.Y.) It’s well-documented that Syracuse is one of the poorest cities in the nation and the unfortunate home to the highest concentration of African American and Latino poverty in the country. This often leads to high crime rates, especially for youth who lack structure and access to opportunity.

Enter the Good Life Youth Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime. The foundation uses hip-hop as a teaching tool with very successful results, including a 30 percent drop in youth incarceration in the city’s poorest zip codes.

ABC used statistics and the inspiring experience of Founder Hasan Stephens to tell a powerful story as Good Life embarks on a $6 million capital campaign. ABC captured that story in the form of a written feature, video and photography that live on a web page developed for both fundraising and PR purposes.

The PR team identified numerous angles to pitch and assembled a strategic list of media outlets for outreach. ABC also designed a unique print piece focused on Good Life’s work and need for the new center.

The Hip-Hop Center for Youth Entrepreneurship will be a place where youth can learn and grow with hip-hop infused features, including a café, art gallery, music studio and space for the foundation’s three business enterprises.

With our help, the Good Life Youth Foundation now has the assets they need to make their dreams a reality. We are grateful to work with a foundation that helps grow our community in a unique and creative way.