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New York State Travel and Vacation Association Moves Ahead

Last year we launched vacationnytoday.com for the New York State Travel and Vacation Association (NYSTVA). Much like “I love NY”, they are vital in promoting and disseminating information regarding tourism throughout New York State.

This groundbreaking website acted as a portal for destinations all around the state. Destinations could make up their own unique, very specific promotional taglines to be placed on a portal page that would drive traffic directly to any desired page of their website. We then made a cooperative media buy for all the partners which gave us the ability to place online media in places that many of the individual destinations could not afford otherwise.

This was a new spin on an old concept of co-op advertising. Despite turbulent economic times throughout the travel industry, we had a very successful first year of this program. NYSTVA has decided to fully pursue the campaign for the second year and has engaged ABC Creative Group to continue and expand the campaign.

ABC will be performing website upgrades and media revisions based on research and results from year one. We will also be managing a social media presence for the group as well as some specific social media marketing.

We are looking forward to a bigger and better year at vacationnytoday.com and to helping NYSTVA create an online presence that becomes a great marketing tool for destinations while serving as a great resource for individuals looking to travel in New York State.