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The Rebranding of the Business Journal and What’s Behind It

(Central New York Business Journal – 2/20/14) Q: Why has The Business Journal rebranded as The Business Journal News Network (BJNN)?

A: The Central New York Business Journal has been a mainstay in the CNY business community for 28 years. As the distribution of news and information has become more digital, so have we. The print edition will continue to be the only dedicated, credible source of business news, information, and research data in the region. But we also want to highlight the myriad ways that we are delivering news and information to people the way they want to receive it.

BJNN is an umbrella for all of these delivery vehicles. Digitally, we report breaking business news on CNYBJ.com and offer email news alerts to subscribers that have chosen to receive their news in their email, twice a day, through our Coffee Break and Daily News Alerts products. BizEventz, the business events division of BJNN, will also continue to provide our business community with opportunities to be recognized and network with others.

We feel that the bundling all of these entities into one package, BJNN, makes it easier for our advertisers, marketers, and underwriters to reach their target audience. It also allows our subscribers and readers to receive the extensive news, information, and data we provide the way they want it.

Q: What is involved with this initiative and why is it important?

A: BJNN teamed up with local advertising agency, ABC Creative Group. Travis Bort, owner and creative director says, “The Business Journal has been a credible and valuable resource for all business leaders in our community. I am excited by the idea of them offering many mediums for readers to be able to receive the news while also offering a high-end, targeted marketing vehicle as an advertiser for my business as well as my clients. ABC joined with the BJNN leadership to determine the goals of the rebrand, and after strategizing, decided we could not lose the recognition and credibility of the existing products in the rebrand. We want people to know it is all the same great products and people, just more complete of an offering.”

Q: How will the Central New York business community benefit from BJNN?

A: No matter what product or service of BJNN you use, this will have a positive effect on you. As a subscriber to The Business Journal, you can have the flexibility to read the news the way you want it: the weekly print edition, the daily email alerts, or CNYBJ.com, or all of them. The online capabilities allow you to get up-to-the minute business news. As an advertiser, it allows you to reach a very targeted audience through print, digital, and events. It offers a solution, not just a product.  We can now offer you a total marketing package.