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Hall of Fame Connections

Curious About What Goes Into a Great Campaign? See How It’s Made in Our Behind the Scenes Video and View More Like It Here!

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum needed help promoting a new YouTube series that connects fans to the game they love. The series dubbed “Hall of Fame Connections” draws the line between unlikely players and events.

ABC had to come up with equally-unique trailers to tease the series, going with humorous animations to grab the audience’s attention before and during other sports-specific YouTube videos. The agency also used influencer marketing to pitch the series to popular baseball podcasts.

We worked closely with MLB to supply ABC-produced footage of Museum exhibits for the episodes hosted by former baseball star Carlos Pena, Lindsay Berra and Museum curators. ABC also optimized the episodes for search engines, providing descriptions and tags for the 14 videos. Each episode includes an SEO-infused “after show” as well where the hosts take a deeper dive into the artifacts involved.