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Hope for Bereaved

A little-known nonprofit dedicated to guiding people through the grief process, HOPE for Bereaved was in need of a refresh and renewed outreach for awareness. They had very few marketing assets. Promotion consisted of a brochure here and there, a monthly newsletter and its Garden of Hope near Onondaga Lake Park.

We quickly learned the value of HOPE’s services as many of the board members who met with us were also beneficiaries of those services. They told us touching stories that inspired our storytellers to help the cause. The audiences became obvious: those struggling with grief and donors.

This would all hinge on awareness. We started with the logo. It’s true a logo does not make a brand on its own, but it’s an important mark that sparks familiarity. From there, we went to work on a billboard, collateral, a website and a video telling their story.

We applied a little of that patented creativity to the collateral and developed a positioning copy for brochures and the website. We created flyers for key events, a radio spot, press releases and a social media plan. It all worked in concert to tell their story and connect with key audiences to raise awareness and money.