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Leadership Alliance

The Leadership Alliance represents the unprecedented collaboration of all the organizations that support Greater Binghamton, New York, business. This unique combination of economic development (The Agency/Industrial Development Agency), business support (Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce) and community promotion (Visit Binghamton) provides all the tools necessary for companies to thrive.

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ABC was tasked with uniting all three independent organizations under one message and on one website. The work began with a content audit of each site and any collateral these entities were producing. We used this copy and images to populate the Leadership Alliance website, which serves as a portal to all the available services.

Each organization had its own set of media assets. The Agency had produced a video series and collected dozens of success stories from local individuals and companies. Visit Binghamton had also created an extensive webseries focused on businesses and attractions in the community. These were all rebranded as Leadership Alliance assets and placed strategically on YouTube and consequently the video-heavy website that also gathered all the written stories.

All this content had to be organized in an intuitive way, so the website broke resources down into three target areas: new/relocating companies, talent looking to relocate and existing businesses. The home page easily gets the user to these sections of the website, which are as persuasive as they are educational. Each page links to the relevant entity be it the IDA, the chamber or tourism promotion agency.

Because ABC was involved at the ground level, we also took responsibility for the branding of this new Alliance. We created the logo and messaging that drove the master campaign, including development of the media strategy aimed at prospective companies across the country.

Logo development
Final logo