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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Whether you care for the sport or not, baseball is more than a game. It’s America’s story. And for so many, it’s a part of their own story. Inside the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of chapters that reach well beyond the statistics for which baseball Hall is known. That’s the story that needed to be told: to fans, to families, to everyone.

ABC mapped out the imagery and video assets necessary to coincide with recommendations from a study by the prestigious Luntz Global organization as the first step in the process that will trickle into digital enhancements, content development and PR efforts.

Working in close collaboration with the Hall’s marketing team, ABC sought to improve the web experience with reorganized and new content directed at untapped audiences. Public relations and media strategy furthered these efforts with strong calls to action focused on the museum and comprehensive Cooperstown experience.

Public relations and outreach efforts focused on travel and lifestyle outlets, as well as history publications, both online and in print, in order to increase visibility among the target audiences. Instead of re-targeting the sports industry publications, whose readers are already familiar with the Hall, ABC raised awareness among the families with children who are thinking about planning a trip as well as the history enthusiasts who are unaware of the rich American history that is the essence of the museum.

Finally, ABC developed a year-long media strategy to tap into key drive-time markets (within four to five hours). Again, this went beyond baseball fans, but also positioned the Hall as a destination.