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Visions: HELOC

The term HELOC is a banking industry-specific term. As credit union employees and marketers, we use it all the time behind the scenes. It’s jargon for home equity line of credit … irrelevant to the public at large.

But, what if we could take that insider acronym and make it a household name? What if HELOC was a product and we created a campaign that would keep it on the minds and tongues of homeowners across our markets?

We accepted our own challenge and set out to transform sleepy home equity lines of credit into to a “real” product you could actually touch and feel. Executed cleverly, we could make HELOC a thing by way of tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top promotion.

Fictional pitchman Jimmy Hayes (un-coincidentally reminiscent of as-seen-on-TV stars like Billy Mays) would hawk a new product by way of an infomercial that inspired a web page, digital ad campaign, and direct mailer on par with his enthusiasm.